Davao 2016 Part 5 – Philippine Eagle Center

You can ask one of the caretakers to take your photo like this since you can't really go past a certain point.

How timely! Free entrance at the Philippine Eagle Center because it was Independence Day!

One of the things I really looked forward to in Davao was seeing the mighty and majestic Philippine Eagle up close. I didn’t think I’d get emotional after my visit though. My faith in humanity was instantly lost after hearing stories of eagles getting shot and captured for purely selfish reasons. They are now a critically endangered species, with about 200-500 left in the wild. Last year, we heard about Pamana, an eagle from the Center who was fatally shot in the protected area where she was released. My heart breaks every time I’m reminded of her story.

At least the nice guys at the Center are doing their very best at taking care of the few ones they have in captivity, as well as teaching people about conservation. Faith in humanity restored when you see the hard work that they put into breeding more eagles and raising awareness for their causes.