PEACH JOHN: Rainy Day Roomwear

If you haven’t heard of PEACH JOHN (ピーチ・ジョン) yet, it is a popular Japanese lingerie and women’s apparel brand targeted at women in their teens and 20s. They’ve just joined the many Japanese brands that have been going global recently – on top of the 25+ stores located in all the major cities in Japan, they also set up shop in Hong Kong, China (Shanghai and Beijing), and recently Singapore via JRunway.

One of the reasons why the brand caught my attention was the fact that they got 3 of my faves as endorsers – Rola, Saeko, and KojiHaru! I couldn’t resist checking out the stores in Japan because of the pretty promotional posters and videos. PEACH JOHN is also widely featured in the Japanese magazines that I follow (Fuji Lena and Maggy from ViVi, Michibata Jessica, and Hamasaki Ayumi are also part of their roster of big-time endorsers). I absolutely love how they’ve been marketing it as both a cute and sexy brand. They make it appear so wholesome even if they’re modeling lingerie in the commercials.

I used to think they only sold lingerie until I was able to go inside a store in Japan. One of the hidden gems that they have is their roomwear line (aptly called “PJ”, from the brand’s initials). I swear by PEACH JOHN roomwear, like omg I CAN WEAR THESE FOREVER! Everything about their 2-piece pajama sets is ideal for lounging around in bed on lazy days – their shirts have built in pads (sleeping in bras or tops with pads will not give you saggy breasts or cancer, fyi), and their shorts always have a comfy elastic waistband.

Ultimate test of a fashion blogger – how to make roomwear look good and not ratchet, lol. Luckily, all of PEACH JOHN’s stuff are so well-made. I feel like if you’re brave enough, you can actually pull off wearing these outside the house.

To those living in Singapore or simply going to Singapore any time this month, there will be a PEACH JOHN pop-up store at JRunway from July 3 to 26, 2015. If you’re itching to try Japanese-quality roomwear out, new items are available on JRunway. :)

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