Aum by Paul Syjuco

I was the first to arrive at Paul Syjuco’s exclusive launch at Manila Pen. I rarely attend events, but I love presentations and intimate lunches like this one because I can take my time to really familiarize myself with the products and the people who worked hard to create them.

I’ve heard about Paul Syjuco before – Last year, I stumbled upon photos of his previous collections while researching for local jewelers who could make our wedding rings (We ended up asking the same person who did my engagement ring.). Later that year, articles about his Linia collection came out. You guys know how I’m all about the minimalist life, and I thought Linia was a great example of elegant fine jewelry that had a distinct minimalist identity.

Fast forward to 2017, Paul Syjuco decided to rebrand (with the help of graphic designer Isabel Gatuslao) and release a collection seemingly opposite of the previous one. Inspired by his travels to Barcelona and the Catalan way of thinking, Moderne is a 50-piece collection that blends right in with nature. If you talked to me about this 3-4 years ago, I wouldn’t be interested in this at all. But when I got the chance to ask about his creative process, Paul said “In Barcelona, I saw that there was beauty in being imperfect, almost grotesque.”, I totally understood where he was coming from. Things don’t always have to be perfectly symmetrical or mathematically accurate for them to be considered beautiful, and Moderne is here to prove that. I felt the pieces come alive when I took photos of them against the beautiful flower arrangement.

Check out some of the photos below, though you can check them out for yourself at Manila Pen starting today (September 19) until September 23. From September 26 to 30, Moderne will be at Aum TriNoma.

I think my way of thinking has changed drastically the past year. I totally commend Paul for reaching the point where he can say that he is confident because he has accepted what he is. I’m still in the process of being completely secure about myself, but I’m definitely happier now that I’m much kinder to myself.


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