Patchwork Pattern

Time flies so fast – I can’t believe my last trip to Korea was all the way back in 2014. Since then, I’ve been on the constant lookout for online spaces and physical places where I can buy legit Korean fashion and beauty products!

I firmly believe that it was after that trip (plus some visits to Japan in 2015 that got me into more otona-style brands) that I started shifting to more wearable looks, and really investing in more quality basics that I know I can wear 5-10 years down the line. That, and well, I guess my age started sinking in, lol

With influence from my friends Crissey and Farrah, both huge fans of Korean culture and aesthetics, I’d like to think I managed to find a good compromise between Japanese style (still without a doubt my main influence) and my relatively recent love for Korean style.

Fans of Happymallow would be happy to know that there’s a new K-style store in town–

Kit:kat is conveniently located at the SoFA Retail Lab in Rockwell.

I was able to briefly talk to the kind Korean owner of the store – most of the items are 100% cotton, and she personally handpicks the products whenever she flies back to Korea. Great news for those who like to fit clothes and check the quality up close before purchasing! I’m absolutely smitten by this dress from her store. In true K-style fashion, I just had to pair it with sneakers too.

Can’t wait for my trip this October! Literally the only thing that’s motivating me right now.

Photos by Rg Gabunada

Kit:kat dress (from Korea) / Forever 21 bag / Nike sneakers