Ever found yourself in a situation where you’re itching to do something but you don’t exactly know what? Just when I thought I’ve been doing quite well recently, I curl up at another unexpected moment. I’ve been trying to train myself to anticipate these things, but it seems like I can never be one step ahead or else it’ll evolve into something even bigger, something more intense.

Below are some photos from a few months ago that I only remembered to share today. My good friend Dennis invited me to model for a test shoot, and I surprised even myself by saying yes. You can check out his set of photos in his website here.

I recall feeling particularly good after producing this shoot on my own, from the concept and angles (Thanks Farrah for helping me press the buttons!) to the styling and make-up. It was as if I traveled back in time and talked my then-stable self into never succumbing into the tragedy of loneliness and inadequacy despite being surrounded by the best people in the world. But I guess the problem lies in the paradox – I wouldn’t have been able to talk myself out of it if I didn’t ever experience it in the first place.

Bought all these vintage-style dresses from Yesstyle / Shot at The Henry Hotel Manila