Review: Party Eyez Jewel Brown / Vassen Super Glamour Brown

Thanks to Japanese Candy for sponsoring all my contact lenses.

These are 14.5mm ones that have a soft outer ring compared to most circle lenses out there. The enlargement is subtle, and not too in-your-face. The color is a little borderline brown and yellow, but I think they’re perfect if you really want your eyes to pop out in pictures. Brown lenses can get a little tricky since there are some that look almost black and end up making you rather alien-like. Or maybe I’m just partial to circle lenses with obvious patterns instead of ones that don’t have any. This pair’s part of the more-obvious-brown-lenses roster.

However, I personally like these better under natural lighting and non-flash photography. They makes your eyes look all nice and sparkly in an understated way. Plus the color is a little less freaky. Photo here.

Good for Twilight cosplay… or something.

Make-up by Cherry Pacheco. If you missed some of my old reviews, you can find them here.