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This is our family dog, Bailey. You might’ve already seen her in my social networking sites where I usually gush about how cute she is and how my family was quick to love her in that short time since she’s been with us. She is my quick fix to any kind of negativity, and seeing her everyday never fails to put a smile on my face!

A few posts back, I was talking about how I think I’m doing a good job given some milestones that I’ve achieved. Bailey’s got it on a whole different level, though.

She gets her first official endorsement / blog advert, and she’s just 3 months old. She’s still trying to properly learn social skills, tricks and polished potty training, and she gets to have a hair endorsement already? Seriously? I’ve been all about my hair ever since I started blogging, and I’ve never had proper shampoo sponsor, lol. This makes me even proud that our new baby is hopefully gonna be a star in her own right!

I wanted to take photos of her when she was still significantly smaller (and chubbier) but I couldn’t do it properly because she wasn’t fully trained yet, and like an infant ninja puppy (ninja gene probably taken from my older brothers), was just too fast for the camera. A month has passed since we got her, and she totally gets some basic commands down pat already.

She has also grown A LOT. It’s crazy. I often joke about how she was born to be a model, as her legs were the first parts that grew longer. It easily stuck and now my family refers to her as the dog who was born to be a model.

And the dog with long legs but with a fat belly that we super love to rub! <3


My mom took her out for a bath last Friday afternoon, and I decided to take pictures while they were at it! I managed to save my camera from being splashed by shampoo water. Phew.

Took this as an ideal opportunity to document Bailey properly since I’ve only used iPhone 4S camera for the past month! :D


We use Our Dog shampoos for Bailey, and they come in these adorable colors and scents. I put the cutest dog in the middle, lol. That white ball of fluff! <3 Which breed is your fave?


All Our Dog products are imported from Australia, and are now the leading and most affordable imported dog shampoo/conditioner in the market. The special Australian Tea Tree Oil component is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses, so it’s definitely a must for all those like us that keep dogs inside the house.

We still haven’t figured out what to do when Bailey grows up into her adult model self (lol) but for now she has a little home inside the house where she can greet all those who pass through the front door! I wonder if there are any Lab owners out there who can give us any advice on what to do when she can’t fit inside the house anymore!


Our Dog is also amazingly soap-free so the products do not remove the oil/moisture from Bailey’s skin. That natural moisture protects her from irritation and other skin related diseases, so it’s always better to use shampoo made especially for dogs instead of generic human shampoo or soap.

That blue tub of extra moisture conditioner is one of my faves because it makes Bailey’s hair so irresistibly smooth… *steals line from random shampoo commercial*


Bath time! Labradors being labradors, Bailey ALWAYS has fun when it comes to anything related to water. If she only had a choice, she’d stay in that bath tub for good. She hasn’t seen a pool in her life yet, and I’m pretty sure that she’ll dive right in when she sees one.

Sometimes she would deliberately spill some of her drinking water just so she can get it on herself. I guess she agrees with all of us that it is just too hot in Manila! By the time this gets posted, I’m probably enjoying sweater weather in Osaka. Woot!

This time, we used the blue Shower Fresh shampoo variant, though I really prefer the Lavender scent better. Next week again!


Towel snuggle. How can you not love this giant baby?


Biting her hairbrush, probably thinking she doesn’t need it. Because she was born a model. (OK, somebody please stop me!)


Literally. Those puppy dog eyes. Can’t say no to them!


We’re all so happy with our newest addition to the family. It’s good that there’s an extroverted energy in our house now as most of us are introverts and like to stick to indoor activities. Like, playing the latest apps on iPhone (Ahh, Alien Hive is *the* one app that’s ruining my productivity right now)… if that counts.

I’ll keep you guys posted with all sorts of cute Bailey stories in the next few weeks, months and years! :)

Our Dog products are available in Pet Express, Dogs In The City, Animal House, Doggie Land (San Juan, Mandaluyong, Tiendesitas, Cartimar), Pet Zone, ACE Hardware, SM Supermarkets, SM Hypermart, Savemore, Handyman, True Value, Unimart, Mercury Drug, S&R, Super Shopping Supermarket, Cherry Foodarama, Makati Supermarket, Cash & Carry, South Supermarket, Puregold Duty Free (Subic and Clark), Alturas Supermarket (Tagbilaran, Bohol) and Pricewise Supermarket (Zamboanga). 

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P.S. My mom made Bailey an Instagram account recently, lol. Add her up: @mybebebailey