Osaka: Osaka Station City, Umeda Sky Building

Living vicariously through my own pictures because I miss Japan so much.

It’s crazy when I think about how I was able to go to Japan a total of 7/8 times in just 2014 and 2015. It will always be my happy place – I still vividly remember my life-changing solo trip to Arashiyama during peak autumn as if it were only yesterday. I actually just got back from Korea, but nothing can ever top that November 2014 Kyoto trip. EVER. Autumn in Japan is all sorts of magical! I wish I could teleport back to Kyoto this November so I can show RG around!

Speaking of RG, we finally got to travel together after 5 years. Two months after our engagement, my cousin Paolo and I organized a double date kind of trip to Kansai. He and his girlfriend Anamae have never been to Osaka or Kyoto before, so I played tour guide and showed them to some of my favorite places. RG tagged along so I finally have some photos of myself in Osaka after a series of solo trips, lol.

First things first – Osaka Station City and Umeda Sky Building! I know this is already my nth Osaka post, but if you’re just as fanatic as me, these places will never get old. Sakura season was just around the corner (we went during Holy Week 2016) and the weather was very, very cooperative. Evenings were cold but it’s always the wind that’s killer anyway!