Osaka: Orange Street

If you love quiet, hipster neighborhoods away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but don’t want to travel too far from the city center, try visiting Osaka’s Orange Street. Formerly called Tachibana-dori (tachibana = a type of orange), the street dates back to the Meiji era as a famous furniture and antique street. It’s great that they were able to preserve the spirit from that time while still being relevant to modern tastes and trends. Home decor enthusiasts would love this place!

I was so inspired by the stores in Orange Street that I immediately adapted their industrial-organic(?) aesthetic into my everyday life. After seeing the photos below, you’ll understand why my Instagram feed looks the way that it does now, lol. Japan’s impaaaact

Rg and I were up for a stroll so we walked 20 minutes from Namba Station to get to Orange Street, but if you want to take a shortcut, you can always alight at Yotsubashi Station and take a 3 minute walk.

Places to look out for at Orange Street if you have a few hours to spare:

  1. Biotop – pretty plants, curated lifestyle/clothing brands, and coffee
  2. Giracha Coffee – bicycles and coffee
  3. Unico – furniture shop
  4. Asoko – gifts/lifestyle store for cheap
  5. UNBY General Goods Store – outdoorsy things your boyfriend would love
  6. Urban Research Cafe – fashion/lifestyle and coffee

The last few photos are from Amerikamura, and dinner with Rg’s parents’ Japanese friend Take-san at a soba restaurant that served pink sakura soba.