One of a Kind

Tricia Gosingtian Korean Fashion

Tricia Gosingtian Korean Fashion

ToFebruary GD top / Just G pants / Mango heels and bracelet / Forever 21 necklace / Zara clutch

Yes sir, I’m one of a kind! Okay, not really.

But anyway, it’s quite admirable how good GD has been branding himself over the years (or should we chalk it up to YG?), with his logos being printed all over the place. Remember that time when everyone suddenly went crazy over his Giyonchy (Givenchy + Ji-yong wordplay) logo?

If you search “one of a kind shirt” on Google Images, you’ll find that GD practically owns the term now. I mean, where did the *literal* one of a kind shirts go? It must be a nightmare to have an actual one of a kind shirt business now since you’ll be buried under all the GD-related results on search engines, lol.

I might cut the sleeves off this shirt soon, to match the muscle shirt that he’s wearing in the video. What do you think? I can never pull off a full-on gangsta feel, being partial to girlier looks… but you can see I tried with the chain bling on my neck. I give myself a low C+ for effort, haha.

Recently, I’ve been really inspired to recreate some K-pop looks / airport fashion with existing stuff in my closet or items you can find in local stores. I wonder if anyone’s interested…