Why You Should Go For Nude

Nude tonal dressing, I mean. If there’s one fashion trend I embraced over the past year, it’s dressing in one color. And in tones similar to my skin, moreso.

It automatically gives you a taller, slimmer silhouette, as well as the excuse to wear your favorite color (since tonal dressing is not just exclusive to nude tones) from head to toe. I’m partial to neutrals, but if you want to go for bright green, why not?

What I normally do is pair similar tones of different textures (in this case, smooth material shirt and rough material skirt), and break the monochromatic look with one statement accessory (in this case, a bag in a brighter, more saturated rust).

Rhipe’s Backyard top / GU skirt / SM Parisian heels / Coach bag / Time Depot Sheen watch