New York: Whitney Museum

Before meeting up with Raleene at The High Line, I took the opportunity to visit the biggest museum in the Chelsea neighborhood. Apparently, I chose the worst day to go – they were in the middle of changing exhibitions, and 3 floors were temporarily closed for visitors. My bad for not researching beforehand!

I bought a ticket anyway, though I wish they offered a discounted rate for times like these! I don’t know when I’ll be able to go to this museum again, so I just decided to make the most out of my x number of hours. I feel like I would’ve loved this place a lot if only I was able to fully experience it. At least the works of art that I did get to see made me feel like my visit was still worth my time and money.

The Whitney focuses on 20th-21st century American Art, and includes everything from paintings, prints, sculptures, installation art, videos and photography. Besides the art exhibits, the bookstore on the ground floor is worth a look, as well as the open-air spaces that provide a good view of the Meatpacking District.