New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art

This beauty right when you enter.

Trivia time! I’m sure you guys have heard of the Met Gala. It’s an annual event where celebs walk the red carpet, wearing a particular theme or motif (last year’s was China: Through the Looking Glass). It’s actually not just some random party where people strut and show off their most creative designer dresses. It’s really all for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (also called Met). Not only is it a fundraising gala for the Met’s Costume Institute, but it’s also somewhat of an opening launch event for the annual fashion exhibit.

I didn’t have a lot of time left at the Met as I accidentally spent too much time at Central Park, but I did find that I got my time and money’s worth anyway since they let people pay what they want at the entrance (if you’re literally just passing by, you can choose to pay a smaller amount versus the recommended fee of $25) , and let people freely take photos in the museum (I love The Frick Collection so much but they don’t allow photography). While I wasn’t able to cover all the galleries, I still managed to find a lot of precious pieces that strongly resonated with me.