New York: Grand Central Station

Nth time in NYC, and can you believe that this was my first real look at Grand Central Station? I only used to see it from outside, as I never had enough time to roam around the area freely. Well, there’s always never enough time in NYC.

Not gonna lie – I was secretly hoping for Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York to pop up out of nowhere.

Had a fun, light-hearted catch-up sesh with this newly-wed couple, Denise and Mias! Couple goals! They happened to be in the US the same time as me. This was way back in October, and I guess some sort of foreshadowing happened when we talked about values, getting engaged, marriage, and relationships. What kind of sorcery…?

Also, I surprised myself by ending up not having at least 1 day in NYC where I didn’t meet up with someone I knew. I used to tell people I prefer traveling alone, but in reality, I really enjoy the company of a few friends. Sounds so tsundere when I think about it, lol.

Anyhow, you might find Denise familiar – she’s the genius behind Tokyo Posh. She studied in Japan for a few years, and it was there that she realized how completely normal it was for some girls there to wear wigs and extensions on a daily basis. It was the quickest way to transform you look without having to commit to something permanent or damaging. I admire her for her desire to not only bring in a new business concept, but for her drive to help people with hair-related concerns. I actually still have my Tokyo Posh extensions with me, from the time I cut my hair into lob. Having short hair was fun, but I missed the versatility that came with having long hair. Tokyo Posh saved me from all my frustrations.

I’m definitely keeping my hair long until my wedding next year, but Song Hye Kyo from Descendants of the Sun makes me want to go back to the lob + bangs do. If ever I get tired of the length, I can always wear my Tokyo Posh extensions again!