Natural Neutrals

There’s always so much potential in styling functional pieces together. It’s hard to imagine at first, but putting everything together makes a lot more sense than seeing them individually. These are all just basic stuff that I’m sure most of you have in your closet at the moment.

Recently, I’ve also been gravitating towards linen items (such as this shirt) because they’re perfect for bipolar Manila weather. I have a huge dislike for clothes that cling to my body when it’s hot or humid, and linen is simply the best kind of fabric to beat heat, perspiration, and that overall uncomfortable feeling when you need to be out and about, both indoors and outdoors, the whole day.

The only problem with linen is that it’s always prone to wrinkles. But that’s definitely a minor problem that can be ironed out.

Uniqlo top and hat / INGNI suspender skirt / Nike Internationalist sneakers / Shogo Sekine x GU tote