My Wedding Gown

(We shot this set of photos some time ago, but I couldn’t find the right words to say until now.)

When you’ve been so consistently you these past x years, it’s not hard to simply be the same old Tricia with the simple outfit and the simple white background. Not one ounce of difficulty (or drama!) was involved in producing this shoot, and I have my husband to thank for constantly reminding me that my authentic self will always be his favorite version of me.

We’re almost 6 months married now – can you believe? These last few months, I decided I wanted to take a break and reconnect with the world again, and I couldn’t have had a better re-awakening if I didn’t have Rg around. In such a short span of time, I’ve learned a million things, from super tedious household chores that I’ve never had to do before but now I’ve come to love, to new discoveries about myself as a person and us as a couple.

I used to beat myself up for not posting this yet, but I’m actually glad that it took months. I see this as the perfect opportunity to retell a story that would’ve sounded totally different had I gone into it without much thought or reflection. I spared you guys from a potentially annoying narrative with lots of unnecessary spazzing. You’re welcome, lol.

The thought process on how I wanted my wedding gown to look went something like this – I only prefer either high neck or low V necklines on my gowns, and I certainly didn’t want to go for too bold a cut for the ceremony… so a bateau/Sabrina/boat-neck wedding gown it was!

The main inspiration? Audrey Hepburn. She has always been one of my biggest idols (both in style and in life), and I’ve always dreamt of wearing something similar to her Givenchy Oscars dress from 1954, when she won Best Actress for Roman Holiday. Oh, how to be as graceful and eloquent as her!

Here’s something that might come as a shock – this dress only looks roughly similar to the initial sketch. We kept the silhouette, the overall feel, and the fabric, but we heavily modified the little details along the way, both with my direction as well as Vania’s. I was still in and out of her atelier 2 days before the big day, but this was the last thing I felt anxious about. I knew Vania would deliver! <3

It’s one thing to have a peg in mind, but it takes a different kind of self-awareness to call a dress truly your own. As cliche as it sounds, I’m always for personal style. My wedding dress needed to be modest and elegant (neckline!), soft yet structured (organza!), practical (pockets!), with just the right amount of femininity (bows!) and excitement (open V back!).

I’ll save the evolution of my dress and photos from my various fittings for a separate post, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some would prefer how this dress looked like in its initial stages.

Personally, I wouldn’t have done things any differently. :)


Photography by Shaira Luna / Dress by Vania Romoff / Suit from Signet / Hair and make-up by Raymund Defeo / Bouquet by Jacqs Floral / Rings by Little White Pouch 

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