My Wedding Reception Dress

The thing about my second dress is that it served its purpose so well that I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos of it. I wanted something light and simple that I can move around in, and this low-V glitter tulle dress by Hannah Kong came out like a dream. To give it justice, below are some photos taken by the one and only Shaira Luna a few weeks after our wedding.

Our reception was very private and intimate, with a dark-ish ballroom styling that (I learned afterwards) discouraged people from taking photos or even opening their phones, and a program so personal that guests didn’t feel alienated by the grandeur that some weddings have. I’ll try to share more about the program in a separate blog post, but so far I have this funny video by our siblings, my dad’s speech entitled 4 Tips on Marriage for my Son-in-Law, and our SDE by Bob Nicolas (which never fails to make me cry!).

It was hard to take pictures of the dress because we didn’t have a grand entrance. Basically, after the main photo shoot, I just wanted to relax and absorb everything without being too caught up in documenting everything.

While discussing the program flow with our wedding coordinator, I didn’t feel the need to have to introduce ourselves as a married couple the second time around. Cue my introverted self not wanting attention even on my own wedding day, lol. Our guests already witnessed us getting married in church and I didn’t want things to be redundant. Some of my friends laughed at me when I told them I wanted to minimize the spotlight on us as much as possible. “Uhh, you can totally get away with it because it’s your wedding?!”

We scrapped the usual introductions, and decided we wanted to be at the ballroom by 6:30p.m. sharp, personally welcoming guests, thanking them for their presence, and guiding them to their tables. It was the first time for all our wedding suppliers to witness something like it, and I actually let out a sigh of relief when people told us they loved the idea! It was one of those risks that I felt right about from the start. I had episodes of anxiety all throughout the wedding planning process but the program was strangely something I wasn’t too worried about.

I definitely felt some sort of pressure to make every detail some sort of #weddinggoals, but I also knew that all our ideas would naturally work themselves out if I only let go and just let all the love do the talking. That’s how it has always been with me and my online journey, and I’m glad I still have my blog to remind me how magical life can be if you just stay true to yourself.


Photography by Shaira Luna / Dress by Hannah Kong / Suit from Signet / Hair and make-up by Raymund Defeo / Bouquet by Jacqs Floral / Rings by Little White Pouch