My Bridal Robe

One thing that brides-to-be tend to overlook is what they’ll be wearing while preparing for their big day.

I don’t know when the whole bridal robe trend started, but I personally remember seeing my mom wear hers every time she’d get ready for work in the morning. On some weekends, I’d catch her wearing it while having breakfast. I think I was about 8 or 9 years old when I first asked her about her robe, and up to this day, she’s still proud that it has withstood 32 years. Still going strong like her marriage! It also says a lot about the quality of the robe she got back in the mid ’80s.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of bridal robe suppliers all over the Internet. Technically, you can also buy ready-to-made silk robes from lingerie and loungewear boutiques. I’ve seen them all, but I never really saw one that was as wearable as my mom’s! Hers had a dainty floral pattern, pale blue buttons on a double breasted design – totally not the lingerie-ish bridal robes that have somehow become the norm (not that I have anything against those). Like her robe, I wanted something that was modest, since I’ve always believed that bridal robes are already innately sexy.

Since our wedding revolved around illustrated motifs by my friend and bridesmaid Feanne, I wanted to incorporate some of her art on my robe too. I saw that she did a collaboration with designer Veronica Chua of Versai Officiel before, so I contacted Veronica if she would be up something different. I was so convinced that no one else but her could nail my vision perfectly, since we have similar inspirations like nature, Japan, and vintage silhouettes.

True enough, with only a few weeks of brainstorming over Facebook, she was able to make the bridal robe of my dreams. Bonus points that her fashion sketches were straight out of a Japanese artbook, so it was a lot easier to imagine how it was going to look like, as well as how I’d look like as an anime character!

Can you believe we never had to do any fittings? It was already perfect when I got it! Every stitch was executed with precision. I couldn’t stop gushing when I saw the finished product!  This bridal robe was definitely one of my favorite parts in the whole wedding planning process. Veronica Chua is one designer to look out for.

Below are some photos taken by the one and only Shaira Luna:

Photography by Shaira Luna / Hair and make-up by Raymund Defeo / Bouquet by Jacqs Floral / Rings by Little White Pouch / Illustrations by Feanne