Taipei: Mika Ninagawa Exhibit at MoCA

Taipei’s art scene never disappoints. You’ll be surprised to always find limited-time exhibitions by prolific Japanese artists, such as this Mika Ninagawa one at the Museum of Contemporary Art / MoCA.

My love for Mika Ninagawa goes way back – in 2010, AKB48 came out with their iconic Heavy Rotation video, which was pure eye candy! In 2012, I was able to watch her directorial debut with Helter Skelter (with some A+ acting by Erika Sawajiri). Before these, I would already see some of her features in the pages of my Japanese magazines, and I instantly got hooked by her signature maximalist style. It may seem weird that I like her work given how opposite our aesthetics are, but her sets remind me so much of my childhood when I’d often dream about Japanese fantasy RPGs.

The line outside was long (I think I waited around 1 1/2 hours under the sun to get inside!), but definitely worth it. I spazzed over some of the portraits she’d shot of my favorite models and artists, and I could only wish to develop a signature style of my own one day.

It goes without saying that my favorite room was the sakura room! I wore pink on purpose, after seeing some photos of the exhibit on Instagram.

This leg of her first large-scale int’l exhibition ran last year from March 19, 2016 to May 8, 2016.