Mom’s Day Funk

Funky Mother’s Day look because I suddenly felt inspired to do something different with my hair and outfit! I’m officially back from my styling rut! Time to celebrate!

Ever since I was able to achieve this hairstyle, I’ve been totally obsessed. It looks like this when I have my extensions on, so I’m even more motivated to grow my hair out. Time needs to go faster so I can have my long hair back and achieve my Frozen braid dreams.

Our dog Angel says hi in the second photo, lol. We recently adopted (her previous owner can’t take care of her anymore) a 4-year-old lab, if you’re wondering why you’ve been seeing two labs instead of one in my Twitter and Instagram photos. She’s been such an angel (Sorry, I had to!), and I’m so happy for Bailey because she now has a playmate and an older sister! All has been going very well in the Gosingtian family household.

These photos were taken with my new Sony a5000! Bought it abroad so it’s not sponsored (I’ve never been sponsored a camera, actually! I’m super choosy with my camera gear as a photographer myself!), but it’s a really good interchangeable lens camera that has WiFi. Took me so long to choose among all the WiFi cameras in the market (I was thisclose to getting a Casio TR35 or TR15 but now that I think about it, it’s overpriced at $1000+ and it can only take selfies). Did my research well and I’m not disappointed with my new purchase at all. Hi Sony. I’m impressed! This commercial made me do it.

Blackfive top / Romwe jumper / EMODA necklace and bag