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Morellato Philippines

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Mothers Day on Sunday. Already?!  D:

If you’re like me and haven’t had time to buy your mom a gift, here’s an idea – personalized jewelry! Morellato, Italy’s largest watch and jewellery brand, is finally in Manila! The brand is distributed in more than 70 countries with exclusive stores in all the biggest cities including Milan, Rome, Shanghai, New York, Hongkong, Macau and Sydney.

I was able to drop by their SM The Block store last week, and it was perfect timing. Lightbulb moment. What could be a better gift than jewelry that you get to customize for your loved ones? Instead of buying a ready made gift, this will totes work to your advantage! Your mom will definitely appreciate the extra effort, and it’s not going to be one of those ordinary jewelry that don’t have any sentimental value. The wide variety of charms and “drops” (as they call it) available can be enough to encapsulate your experiences with your mom and feelings for her. If anything, even without putting too much thought in each drop, I think the fact that you customized it yourself will already say so much. :)

Morellato Philippines

I was able to have a Morellato experience and customized my own necklace and bracelet. It was so much fun – you get to choose which color scheme you want, and if you want a symmetrical, matchy-matchy kind of effect, or totally different drops put together. It really puts your creativity to the test, and I don’t apologize for spending so much time in the store! It was like I was a little girl again. <3

Morellato Philippines

Because blue is my favorite color, I made use of drops with blue accents. Other colors are also available. I also got two bracelets with red color accents. The pink and yellow ones are tempting~

Morellato Philippines

The one with the little pearl is pre-made and is cheaper as you buy as a set. The customizable ones are charged per bracelet/necklace material, and per charm/drop, which I think is better as you really get to choose which ones you like! Plus the cost per drop (made of stainless steel, btw!) is cheaper than other stores that offer the similar concept. Only P995 per drop!

Morellato Philippines

Here’s the necklace that I made! All my favorites in one. I made a minimalist design as my taste in jewelry is not so complicated, and I’m happy with simple things such as this one!

I can always go back to the store and add (or even remove) some more drops to this already-existing necklace, just to change it up.

Morellato Philippines

The one at the bottom with the leather strap was also customized by me. Unlike my necklace, this one is made of totally different drops, including one with a blinged out letter T for my name. Shh, let’s pretend my real name doesn’t start with a P, okay? :D

There’s still time before Mothers Day and their SM North Edsa The Block store will be more than happy to help you customize one for your mom. <3 This is seriously addicting stuff, you guys!

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