Mom’s Clothes

I’m so influenced by my mom’s style that whenever I wear her clothes, it can seem like I got them from my own closet. Whenever we go shopping together, we always go to the same stores, and spaz about the same items. When we’re not together, we often end up buying two of the same item (only in different sizes), because our tastes are so similar like that.

This whole outfit was actually borrowed from my mom! She recently made me fall in love with Harlan & Holden (a local brand I very much adore!), and I really blame (lol) her for my somewhat unhealthy obsession with anything Kate Spade (in this case, Kate Spade Saturday).

I heard Kate Spade Saturday is closing soon, and I am DYING :(

Harlan & Holden top / Kate Spade Saturday skirt / Coach bag / Anthology Shoes wedges