MOFW 2012 Hong Kong Day 6

Tricia Gosingtian Hong Kong Chocoolate

(:CHOCOOLATE top, Sheinside jacket, Soeurs shorts, FashionCookie ShoeAvenue wedges, Forever 21 bag, EMODA earrings) Hype this look on Lookbook here. Hair curled with a triple barrel curling iron that I got from my salon (Indigo Salon).

Cats are everywhere on this blog! They’re on my wedges, on my headband, on this shirt, on my favorite shirt (1, 2, 3), on my platform heels (1, 2), on my sweater, and on my skirt. And this still doesn’t include the things that I haven’t taken photos of.

Cats will always tickle my fancy, it seems! I think I would survive, if someone were to dare me to inject at least one feline element to my daily outfits. I don’t even know when my penchant for cats started. I’ve also never had a chance to own a cat before. There’s just something about them that draws me in. I just turn into a little ball of fluff when I see cats on the street or at friends’ houses. <3

My friends in high school used to tell me how I reminded them so much of cats. I guess I’ll have to admit that I may have odd cat-like behaviors at times. I’m a creature of the night, and I’m always lazy and sleepy during the day. I can be really silent when I move, and I am very obsessive-compulsive. Being alone doesn’t bother me either – it has never been an issue for me to go to shop or even eat alone in public places. If I’m busy, I prefer not being pestered into doing things I don’t like. I don’t normally have a lot of energy, but when presented with something I really like, my enthusiasm can shoot through the roof. Some may think I look snobbish, but I’m just really shy around strangers. And based on my nail pictures on IG, I obvs have a special relationship with my nails… 

Tricia Gosingtian Hong Kong Chocoolate

Changed my eye color for this entry to get light blue-gray cat-like eyes! Thanks to Japanese Candy for the COCORO GRAY lenses. :3

All the talk about cats in this entry was brought about by the cat print on my shirt! I have a similar one that I’ve posted a number of times before, but this one is not sleeveless and has “MEOW” spelled correctly. :CHOCOOLATE, where this shirt is from, is a brand that you can’t miss if you go to Hong Kong (or Macau). They have this lovely minimalist black and white store design that complements all the clothes that they sell. They have wonderful selections for BOTH boys and girls – my mom and my brothers would always find something they like in this store. :D They produce really good basics and classic patterns that will surely last a long time in your closet. Even their packaging and window displays look cool.

Tricia Gosingtian Hong Kong Chocoolate

Boyish outfit for a change. A predictable me would’ve worn this with a girly skirt and platform heels, but I realized I should wear my shorts, boots, hoodies and leather jackets together more often. How do you like the change?