Tricia Gosingtian Philippines Fashion Blogger

Tricia Gosingtian Philippines Fashion Blogger

Temporarily got my Japanese MODE fashion inspiration back with this look. Somehow a lot of fashion brands in Japan (or at least the ones I saw in Osaka and Kyoto) have been moving towards more Onee and mature styles, and I’m probably at that prime age where it’s all too appealing for me. So. Freaking. Appealing. You have no idea. That, or I’m simply getting old and looking for something to justify my current taste in fashion, lol.

Since it’s spring/summer, I’m making a conscious effort to stay away from dark colors while shopping. Japanese brand rienda is probably my #1 inspiration right now because it’s a perfect merge of this sophisticated style that I’m going for, and that all-floral, feminine vibe that I’ve always had. More rienda-inspired looks in the next couple of weeks, for sure. Right now they have a lot of beige, nude, pink and blue in their color palette and I’m so discouraged to stay away from all black because of them! Next biggest inspiration would be SLY because they still use a lot black, but pair them with slightly more colorful stuff, like what I did with this outfit!

In the meantime, here’s one of my no-brainer coordinates. I often just throw in a pair of floral pants every time I’m lazy to think of what to wear (Note: I’ll be the saddest person if the day comes when all floral-print bottoms decide to disappear), and put on a loose or structured top that’s easy to move around in.

The top I’m wearing here is one of my recent favorite acquisitions. It’s like it’s so confused if it wants to be a top or a dress, or it’s peplum or scalloped or what. Probably as confused as I am now as my head is all over the place, given the amount of work I have to cram before I leave the country again. More of these confused items in my closet, please, while I’m feeling a little bolder than usual!

Romwe top / EMODA leggings / Asian Vogue heels / Lacoste L!VE bag