Mixed Metals

Did you know Mango.com ships directly to your doorstep? The clothes I’m wearing here were all ordered from their website. It’s discouraging to shop online from the Philippines since customs and taxes can be super unreasonable here, but I received my Mango.com package in 3-4 days without any added fees. (You’re welcome!)

While I occasionally do sponsored posts for the brand, I actually love it from the bottom of my heart and always shop at Mango on a regular basis. Call me obsessed! My friends can attest to my daily wardrobe mostly coming from Mango (or Uniqlo, lol).

The real reason why I tried ordering from the website was because Mango has items (such as Mango Premium) that aren’t available here in the Philippines. I saw this silky smooth silver satin bomber from the website and just *had to* buy it! I loved it so much that I ended up ordering a plum/maroon version of it a week after. I’ve also been on the lookout for a tasteful gold pleated skirt and Mango also happened to have the perfect one in their online store.

Have fun shopping!


Mango pleated top, metallic pleated skirt, satin bomber jacket, bag / Yesstyle heels

Thanks Farrah for helping me take my photos!