Mango: Tropical Date

These exotic floral prints from Mango say “Aloha!” And so does my boyfriend, RG, who debuts in a proper blog post for the first time (and maybe the last). He’s not one to be in front of the camera – in fact, he is the one who helps me take most of my outdoor outfit photos when he has time off work. Being the behind-the-scenes person that he usually is, I’m quite happy that I succeeded into dragging him to do this with me after 2+ years of being together (with a little force, of course)


on me: top, dress and heels from Mango; on RG: shirt and shorts from H.E. by Mango

He puts my feet on the ground (me being the overly idealistic one between the two of us) and often gives me a reality check about life, especially if I seem too caught up with myself and the small world I move around in. I’ve much to thank him for, really. Most are intangible lessons that have helped me become a better person throughout the years.

Most of the time, I tease him about my biggest contribution to his life – fashion tips and how to properly style himself. He would turn all cheesy and tell me that I too have taught him a lot of intangible lessons, but I would jokingly bring the conversation back to how his appearance has improved ever since he met me, lol

To be fair, he has always had a subtle style of his own – classic and clean, and often times hovering over safe and conservative with not-so-bold earthy colors in styles that do not ever go out of style.

Last week, we dropped by the Mango and H.E. by Mango stores and became absolutely smitten by all the “adventurer chic” items from their newest collection! Browns, greens and blues are totally his element, while mine are floral prints (this time, exotic ones) and printed bottoms.


Given the weather we’ve been having, we opted for items that let our legs breathe. I layered a tropical print ruffled dress over a chiffon shirt in the cutest coral color, and paired them with blush-toned strappy heels. RG wore a classic checkered button-down and brown shorts in a color that could make Indiana Jones proud.



We normally don’t go all-out matchy matchy (especially since on a normal day, RG would never put as much priority on fashion than I would), but we do like subtle similarities now and then as it really is quite fun. We played with the same reds and greens to get that appearance of coherence even if we chose totally different patterns.

Couple fashion doesn’t necessarily be the cliche type that requires two people wearing the same exact item of clothing. You can play with colors and patterns and still get that “couple” effect.


on me: top, blazer, pants and heels from Mango; on RG: button-down, pants and jacket from H.E. by Mango

European-style adventurer chic for indoors when light jackets are totally acceptable. The key items here are colored pants for men and printed bottoms for women – they can make such wonderful summer statements without going too over the top.


RG’s green pants? I honestly wish it came in my size too. I love how it’s not the usual blue, black or brown, and how it’s definitely a friendly, subdued color for guys who’d never dare to wear bright red, apple green or electric blue trousers in their lifetime. I talked him into trying it out, and he was quite surprised how it all worked out in the end, with the right kind of styling, given his skin tone and comfort zone!


The ones that I am wearing are loose pants that are so comfortable, I can probably sleep in them! <3


Paired the pants with a denim shirt that is all sorts of adorable, and a black and white blazer that I can use with other black and white stuff as it’s also a trend this spring/summer.

It’s going to take a lot of effort for me to drag my boyfriend into doing this regularly with me, but I still commend him being so open to trying out a day in my life. In the meantime, while he says he can never get used to this, he takes wonderful pictures and writes interesting stories here.

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Thanks to Tracy Monsod for taking our photos.

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