Mango: Rocking the Trend

It’s the perfect time of the year to bring out the hidden rockstar in you. ‘90s grunge and rocker styles are huge this F/W, and Mango’s current collection offers the most ideal items to help you rock the trend. Muscle tees, plaid shirts, ripped denim, gold chain necklaces and studded bags are just some of the things you can find in their stores right now.

I’m so glad I cut my hair short and dyed it red because it works so well with these kinds of outfits. Let’s bid farewell to my signature “kawaii” style for now, and welcome the new me with my interpretation of this rocker style. The red plaid shirt is at the forefront of the trend, and here are two different ways to wear it.


Major red color accent obsession. I tried to imagine myself as a rock band member and built an outfit around that idea. Did you know that I actually had rockstar dreams back in highschool? I took bass guitar lessons (because I generally love listening to bass lines) when I was 16, but concluded that my hands were too small and my fingers were too short to be able to play the instrument properly without struggling to reach certain notes. This was a super lame excuse, lol. I gave up on it quite easily when things were getting more difficult, so now I’m feeling a bit remorseful that I didn’t give it another chance! My older brother ended up learning bass in my stead. At least something good came out of my story.


I guess I’ll just stick to dressing up like a rockstar, and continue my dreams of looking the part.


You can’t skip the waist-tie trend this season if you’re going to rock it up. You can use any button-down shirt or sweater, but I’m pretty sure you guys already know how much I prefer sticking with classics.


What do you think of this look? I skipped the boots and went for girly pumps, thanks to my fixation on juxtapositions. I hope I did justice to David Bowie (a.k.a. one of the greatest rock icons of all time)!


Here’s a girlier and slightly more conventional approach to the red plaid shirt. Wearing it normally as you would an ordinary button-down shirt didn’t cut it for me the first time, so I added a pair of boyish suspenders to balance out the look.


Rock studs on a quilted sling bag. How can something be so cute and badass at the same time?


Something I would wear if I were a vocalist for a band. Too bad I can’t sing to save my life. At least there’s fashion to help me fulfill my delusions!


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MANGO will be opening its flagship store in SM Mall of Asia on October 28. They will be debuting the Sports, Intimates, and Kids lines in their Rock it Up! Fashion Show at 6PM.