Mango: Denim Dressing


Here’s my current denim situation – OBSESSED. When I was much younger, I used to automatically associate anything denim with casual, relaxed weekends with the family. Nothing of the dressy, workwear sort. Little did I know, that some 15 years later, I would discover the magic behind denim clothing. They are actually among the most versatile items in your closet, and I’m not even talking strictly about our staple denim blues – pants.

Here I wore the denim one-piece all girls wish they had during childhood in a more updated, wearable, hopefully more age-appropriate style. (And yes, this is probably my nth white button-down in my closet. White button-downs will live on forever!)





Denim on denim, Tricia-style. White denim on blue denim works just as well as pairing different washes of blue. The best part about white denim is that it can also double as a key piece for a currently hot trend – white on white. In the meantime, balancing casual denim with a pencil skirt and pointy pumps? Why did I not think of this before? And why is my closet not filled with denim right now?!

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