Mango: Subtle Buckle

Back in the day, I stumbled upon an article about clothing investments and discerning between the kind of clothes that can still be used 10 years down the line, and the kind that can only be used once or twice.

Ever since then, this sort of thinking has influenced my every move when it comes to shopping. While my body hasn’t extremely changed these past few years, I’m definitely not ruling out the fact that I may not be able to stay like this forever. I could, but time (and probably proper exercise + diet) can only tell. This being said, I always try to buy clothes that I know can still fit me even if I manage to put some meat into my bones. You can’t go wrong with classic pieces in relaxed silhouettes, especially if they have been reworked to include subtle details that set them apart from the usual formula.

Speaking of subtle details, this business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back top from Mango is giving me so much life right now. I rarely go for back-baring pieces, but this one is conservative enough for my taste!

Someone told me the top reminded her of a straitjacket. I’m like, “YES. Because I need to be contained for all the bad puns I’ve made in this lifetime. I, Tricia Gosingtian, acknowledge the cheesiness of my words and the laziness of my thinking and writing. Just setting the record… strait!” *ba dum tss*

It’s the best time to shop at Mango now. Further reductions (up to 70% off) on selected items.

Can’t wait for the new Kendall campaign to come out too!

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Mango top and pants / The SM Store clutch and heels