Mango: Polka-dots

With the slump I experienced last year, I would’ve have thought I’d be able to bounce back so soon. Experiencing another low is something I never want to happen again, especially with the kind of mental and physical anguish that paralyzes you and makes you feel so bad about yourself.

For some reason, I always have a strange, nagging feeling that I’m running out of time. Wish I could make sense of it all, but for now, I decided to take control and use it to my advantage.

Starting the year right with some cliche lucky polka-dots. Dragons aren’t forecasted to have the best fortune this Year of the Dog, but I’ve decided to let 2018 be the year I use all my weaknesses to my advantage. Creating my own fortune sounds like an awfully good adventure.


Mango bow polka-dot dress and heels / Tory Burch bag

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