MANGO: Natural Element

Nowadays, I feel the most natural when I’m in these kinds of clothes – comfortable basics in colors inspired by nature. I chalk it up to my mom for exposing me to warm earth colors early on in my life. As I grow older, I find myself gravitating towards the same things that she likes! I think I’m slowly turning into her…? Kids would often hate to admit it, but parents make such a huge impact in our lives. In my case, you could tell easily tell by how similar my closet is with my mom’s. Our clothes get mixed up more often these days.

Anyhow, MANGO’s end of season sale is almost over, and they’re slowly introducing items from the next collection! There are still a few summer-y clothes here and there, but I saw a lot of olive, navy, and rust tones during my last visit. My favorites! The top and culottes that I’m wearing here are new arrivals from an in-between collection (not quite spring/summer, not quite fall/winter), but I can’t wait for the whole F/W collection to roll out in stores in the next couple of months. The shoes I’m wearing here (a.k.a. my new everyday flats) are 50% off at the MANGO Touch in Rockwell. Enjoy the sale season before it ends this July!








MANGO top, culottes, flats / Michael Kors bag / from Japan hat / TRIWA watch

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