Mango: Evening Jumpsuit

Last week, I attended a wedding where all the bridesmaids wore jumpsuits! Looks like it finally caught on, wearing jumpsuits for holiday parties and formal events.

The holiday season is upon us, and I think I’ve found the key to turning heads and looking sleek without wearing the usual Christmas tree colors – head-to-toe BLACK. Like white, it serves as the perfect blank canvas for accessorizing, but there’s no way you’ll blend in with the holiday decor when you’re wearing black. No bad cases of accidental camouflage here.

This black MANGO jumpsuit is only one of the many black items from their latest collection, which is currently on sale at 30-50% off! You know what to wear this Christmas. :)


Mango off-shoulder jumpsuit and heels, Strathberry Metallic Ruby bag, Time Depot Casio Sheen watch

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