Mango Committed

Mango Committed

My lifestyle is far from being quintessentially sustainable, but I’m slowly working towards supporting more brands that minimize impact on the environment and maximize benefits of those who tire endlessly to make the clothes we buy on the racks.

I had to start somewhere to break my wasteful habits. For the past 2 years or so, I’ve consciously made it a habit to bring eco bags with me everywhere – from the supermarket to the fashion boutiques I often visit. In restaurants or cafes, I ask for paper straws, or no straws at all (if possible). We’ve all seen that horrifying video of that turtle with a straw up its nostril.

Fashion-wise, less is more. And not just in that minimal aesthetic sense that looks cool on Instagram. I almost never shop impulsively nowadays, unless I know that what I’ll be buying is something I can use multiple times. After moving out of my parents’ house, and being able to only bring a handful of the most important pieces from my wardrobe, I realized that I only really need a few investment pieces to live. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same things over and over again. If anything, I see mixing and matching as a daily creative exercise.

It feels so much better spending for one item that I know can last me years, versus a hundred items that can only survive one or two laundry cycles. It’s been quite an adjustment from my old lifestyle, but so far, the journey has been so fulfilling that I don’t mind living this way for the rest of my life.

The impacts of consumerism are catching up with the ever-changing world, and now is truly the best time to educate ourselves about the story behind each item that we buy. It’s commendable that Mango, a brand that I’ve loved for many years now, just committed to more sustainable and environment-friendly fashion practices!

You can find Mango’s Committed Collection online here (they ship straight to your doorstep for a minimum of P6,000) and in all stores nationwide though the stocks are super limited!


The modern world is changing and so are we. We are working towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion future, one garment at a time.

Thanks Farrah for assisting me for this set of photos!

Mango organic cotton blouse, belt cotton-blend trousers, criss-cross sandals, hoop earrings

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