Mango: Black Bow

Here’s what I’m hoping is a groundbreaking summer outfit – a black chiffon dress with ruffles and an asymmetrical neckline. One-shoulder everything are all the rage nowadays, and very rightfully so! Serving one shoulder is such a tease compared to baring both with off shoulder necklines though! I’m glad big bows always help inject a cutesy factor to nonetheless sexy, lingerie-inspired dresses.

Speaking of asymmetry, did you know that people regarded as conventionally beautiful have symmetrical faces? Try photoshopping one side of your face and flipping it to create a perfectly symmetrical face. I tried it once, and just ended up looking like an alien! Let’s just say I’d rather keep my face in all its perfect imperfections. Even if different angles and lighting can easily transform my look because of how asymmetrical my face is, I have come to accept that it’s a good thing. Makes for instantly unique photos and stories.


Mango asymmetrical ruffle dress

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