Mango: Ballerina Blush

I heard ballet fashion is back, and the most I can do without seeming like a poser (I can’t dance to save my life!) is to wear ballerina-inspired colors! These two beautiful pastel pink pieces from Mango’s latest collection look beautiful separately, but layering them together makes all the difference in the world for someone like me. I mean, I can’t imagine myself wearing this slip on its own (I’d flash so many people!), but I’ve always found these kinds of deep dresses the most suitable for layering. The website recommends styling the dress with a trenchcoat or a denim jacket, but hot and humid Manila calls for slightly more breathable fabric; hence the flowy blouse.

These slingbacks are also my current favorite shoes. I’ve been wearing them everyday since I got them! Didn’t need to break them in, and comfy enough for actual walking. They initially reminded me of my grandma’s shoes, which is perfect because grandma fashion is right up my alley!

Photos by Rg Gabunada

Mango top (P1995), dress (P1995), heels (P2295) / Kate Spade bag / From Taiwan glasses

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