Photo Shoot: Inquirer 2bu Lifestyle October 30, 2010

Make-up trick or treat. Click here for the full article.

(Photography by Tricia Gosingtian. Make-up by Marj Sia. Models: Valerie Chua, Domz Tiu and Shai Lagarde)

Gorgeous geisha. We just need to establish the white face, the strong eyebrows and Geisha lips. Use foundation that’s one shade lighter. Blend concealer and foundation on the eyebrows, and then draw higher eyebrows over them.

Vampire vixen. Since vampires are undead, use dull colors! First, use foundation that’s three tones lighter than natural. To make the eyes look like you don’t sleep at all, blend red and black eyeshadow. Apply more black on the crease and apply more red under the eyes. Don’t overdo the eyes or you might end up more scary than sexy.

Mystical mermaid. Think of undersea colors, like underwater plants, which are green. Have a mix of green, yellow and blue for the eyes. Don’t be afraid to play around with the brush strokes, since this is your chance to experiment.

Marj, you will always be one of my favorite make-up artists.