Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon: Back to Ash

New year, new hair color! Seem familiar?

I’m back to being brunette! Nobody saw this coming, but I’ve actually been meaning to remove this blotchy un-maintained red for a while now. It has only been a month and a half since my last dye job, but around Christmas time, I noticed that the ends of my hair were starting to get brassy, and that the whole color was starting to become annoyingly uneven. 

I remember talking to Crissey last December about switching back to brown simply because I was running out of red hair color treatment (bought in Japan last October) to maintain the red, and she was like “NOOO!”. Totally the reaction of everyone when I told them the red will have to retire prematurely. 

My recent trip in Taipei gave me enough time to ponder about the transition, especially because I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy process at all. Red is one of the hardest colors to work with because not only does it fade easily (red-red or red-violet usually turns brown-red after some time), but it also refuses to die (brown-red still has red). 

My mom has been constantly going to the Louis Phillip Kee near where we live, and I absolutely adore what they’ve been doing to her hair! Before we left for Taiwan, she had a haircut and a Keratin treatment because her thin, wavy hair (I got my hair genes from my dad) was starting to become unruly. She’s been having these treatments in different salons for years now, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it done in a very natural way, one that doesn’t make it seem like your hair was relaxed/rebonded. Her hairstylist performed the treatment to remove frizz, but not volume. The ends of my hair have been very hard to tolerate recently, so I figured I should have this treatment done on my own hair as well.

By the time I got back to Manila, I was very much convinced to take the plunge and spend the whole afternoon at the salon! 


Good thing it looked great. And smelled great. A towel and robe were put on my shoulders and they smelled so good I kept sniffing them for a good minute or two, lol.


Silly, pouty face for the girl with the messed-up hair color. It should look a lot healthier than this if I style it properly and use argan oil, leave-on conditioner, etc. but for blog purposes, here’s the most honest photo I can show you guys of my completely un-styled hair. 

Later, you can compare this mess of a photo to the last few photos in this post.


First step was to remove the red. And boy, was it a complete pain in the ass to remove.

They used some sort of blonde cream dye (the lightest they could find) and a color stripper to somehow mimic the effect of bleach. I was completely against bleaching my hair again, so they scrambled their brains out trying to figure out ways how to lighten and neutralize my hair without going through the easiest (but worst) route.


Tadah! Me, if I ever decided to go orange. Unfortunately, it is not a flattering color on me.

Things were slowly looking up, however. Orange is one step away from red!


Time for my final color! If you ask me what my exact hair color is, it’s somewhat like Schwarzkopf Igora 12-11 mixed with two darker ash shades which I have no idea about so I’ll stop talking now before I eat my own words.

Ariel (my mom’s hairstylist whom I specifically requested and trusted to supervise this whole dark red to ash brown shenanigan) did his magic and voila, the perfect shade of ash brown. He was so overjoyed with the result that he had to jot the formula down on a piece of paper so he can recreate this glorious color on other people’s hair! Time to go to Louis Phillip Kee along Libis/C5, everyone!


After dyeing, I went for a quick Keratin treatment where they combed Keratin on my hair, wrapped my hair with plastic, let the Keratin settle for about 15 minutes, and straightened my hair with a flat iron.

I requested them to not straighten my hair too much because my hair is already straight, and I just wanted the unnecessary frizz to disappear. It should stay extra straight for 4 months if you don’t wash your hair until the third day after the treatment, but… I really, really need to wash my hair tomorrow (2nd day) so… I don’t know, lol. We’ll see. 

(I have a shoot tomorrow which will probably require me to curl my hair. And curling hair with irons right after the treatment and before the first wash is a huge no-no.)


Well, the frizz is gone, and that’s what matters! Feels so much healthier now too.


Compare this photo with the pouty face one a few paragraphs back. Huge difference, right?


Thanks to Louis Phillip Kee for this successful transformation! I really missed being brunette! I feel like this is more my element, as much as I loved sporting cutesy blonde and edgy red hair. 


Thanks to Ariel (on the left) and his team for being patient enough to work on my hair for 5 whole hours! I could see that they were also contented with their work (they took so many pictures of my hair and couldn’t stop styling it as I was posing for selfies in the mirror) which made it all the more meaningful for everybody! Team spirit!

Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon can be found at The Fort (856-3388), Midori (553-4551) C5/Libis/Acropolis (638-4001) and Banawe (288-9758). You can set up an appointment or inquire about specific locations and prices by calling them. They’ll gladly be of service!

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