Los Angeles: Union Station and The Last Bookstore

After hours in the Norton Simon Museum and Old Pasadena, my mom’s friend decided to drive us around Downtown Los Angeles. I think she overheard me telling my mom that it was the only place I wasn’t able to cross off this trip’s must-visit list because it was too far from where we were staying (UCLA area). Because it was getting dark, and my mom and I still had to catch early flight to NYC the next morning, I narrowed our spontaneous road trip down to 2 choices – Union Station and The Last Bookstore.

Union Station was BREATHTAKING. I’ve seen it in photos, but it’s even better when you’re actually inside, engulfed in all its Art Deco glory.

The Last Bookstore is one of those places that ALWAYS makes “Top 10” or “Best” lists. The store interior is one-of-a-kind, and the mere size of the store warrants a whole day of exploration. After all, an adventure is just a page away!