Los Angeles: The Getty

THIS VIEW. Even if you're not the museum type, the architecture is compelling enough for a visit.

The best thing about staying in an area near UCLA is The Getty being within a convenient distance. It’s considered far from where most tourists stay, but I didn’t have a problem going there from where I was. My mom was out attending a conference, so I had to brave going around LA without her. I’m usually super confident with my navigating skills, especially when there are trains and subways involved, but LA is different – You can’t go anywhere without a car. I hated that I didn’t have anyone to share the fare with, but at least I was able to get to my destinations without breaking a sweat. Uber-ing to The Getty wasn’t too difficult, though I had some trouble getting a ride back since the tram station was a little obscure on the map (and even registered as weird coordinates in the middle of a highway, according to one of my Uber drivers).

The Getty Center is divided into two – the J. Paul Getty Museum (commonly referred to as The Getty) and the Getty Villa. I wasn’t able to go to the latter but I’ll definitely come back for it next time. I spent my alone time in the museum quite leisurely – I started from around 11AM to around 4PM. 5 hours of just appreciating art and nature. This is exactly how I always want to spend my time if I didn’t have to work at all! Anyone here just as crazy in parks and museums as I am?

If you have an afternoon to spare in LA, consider going to The Getty. It’s a world of its own. Wonderful experience away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.