Los Angeles: Hammer Museum

Love this colorful corner.

You’d think living around UCLA would be boring after a day or two, but turns out, it’s not only The Getty that’s nearby. One of the hidden gems I’d like to introduce today is the Hammer Museum, a hip and progressive art haven where you can find emerging contemporary artists with culturally relevant exhibitions. Admission is free, and it’s open until 8PM on weekdays. Perfect for tourists like me who like to maximize their time.

My visit to The Getty was cut short as they close around 5PM or so, but I still wanted to explore some more. I did a quick Google search on museums that were still open, and the Hammer Museum conveniently popped up in my results. I planned on meeting my mom for dinner in the same area anyway!

The last photos are from random places around the area where I stayed at. Halloween costume pop-ups were everywhere! They put the wrong wig on (slave) Leia! BLASPHEMY, lol. There was an Urban Outfitters and a Target nearby at least.

A few more posts on LA coming up, then I’ll start blogging about all the places I went to in NY! I’m supposed to be there right now for some events, but suddenly got some urgent matters to attend to here in Manila. Everyone enjoy NYFW for me!