A Day With Liah Yoo

Bonding over Yardstick coffee.

A day (or two) with one my favorite K-beauty vloggers, Liah! She was briefly in Manila last August, so Farrah and I tried to bring her around during our free time. I think she’ll be back in January in time for my wedding…? :)

I first met Liah in NYC last December, and we hit it off so fast that we were pretty much glued together throughout our whole #PondsInsiders trip. The fact that I do mostly fashion posts and she does mostly beauty reviews and tutorials gave us a lot of things to talk about, coupled with the sudden realization that we both really, really, reaaaally love to travel! I feel my travel itch has faded a bit since I got engaged, but I’m definitely living vicariously through Liah’s travel posts. She’s up climbing mountains in Zurich as we speak!

One of the things I admire about Liah is her passion for helping others with her useful reviews and tutorials. And of course, her amazing superhuman work ethic! Sometimes you’d wonder, with the amount of high-quality videos that she posts on her channel, if she even gets to sleep at all! How be you, Liah Yoo? :)