Le Sportsac SS 2011 Fashion Show

I modeled for the Le Sportsac SS 2011 fashion show at Greenbelt 5 yesterday. My stylist friends Boop and Kimi were there so our time was well spent chatting with each other and taking each other’s photos (Thank you JP for taking our photos and being your fabulous self as well!), especially since runway shows entail so much waiting and idle moments. Modeling and impatience do not go well together.

Bare faces at 7:30 in the morning. Posing with the Yaps, Sidney, Boop and Kimi. Dear Sidney was our stylist and all the clothes from the fashion show were Zara. We were allowed to style ourselves too, so I took the chance to create a color blocking outfit since my existing wardrobe is frustrating me with its perpetually being perfect for Fall-Winter but never Spring-Summer. Drab colors, begone!

I closed the Le Sportsac segment, which was flattering and immensely strange at the same time, as I am without a doubt the most awkward runway model ever. Talk about bad posture, a poker face and some body parts not coordinating with each other. I need how-to-be-graceful classes. But it was cool to have been able to stand on the revolving stage twice:

Thank you to Le Sportsac and Saga Events for the opportunity. ‘Til next time!


Thank you Visions Expressions for this photo of me on the runway: