Le Bunny Bleu: Music

Le Bunny Bleu’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection just came out last weekend, and here’s a teaser before I reveal all the new shoes in a separate post. I don’t normally go for mid-heels (not low/not high), but my recent trip to Japan made me reconsider switching my high heels for a more practical height. Comfort before anything else! Crissey and I spotted a bunch of girls wearing similar sophisticated-but-kawaii shoes in JR Osaka Station. If you’re going to wear mid-heel pumps, might as well wear the cutest, most comfortable ones!

Considered it perfect timing when I visited Le Bunny Bleu Shang, and spotted this bejeweled pair in black. The ribbon is super understated, so it’s not too cutesy for my current, more “mature” personal style. My mom accompanied me to the store, and was actually thisclose to getting one for everyday office use! I could see this being a great everyday shoe because rounded toes are generally more forgiving than pointed ones.

Paired my girly shoes with an equally-girly dress with musical notes on it! It’s the first time that I’ve ever worn this print, and I’m obsessed. Need more of this in my life!

Le Bunny Bleu Philippines can be found at 5th Floor Shangri-la Plaza (654-2599), and 2nd Floor Glorietta 5 (955-7225).

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Le Bunny Bleu shoes / MURUA jacket / Asian iCandy dress