Kyoto: Nanzen-ji

Happy times haha at least my OOTD didn't end up in vain, lol

You guys know I’ve always had a soft spot for Kyoto (especially after that life-changing solo trip last Fall 2014), and thankfully, every visit delivers like a dream! I feel like I’ll never run out of new places to visit in Kyoto, thanks to thousands and thousands of years of history and culture.

I’m thinking if I should go on a short trip first week of April next year – I’d be happy with just a day or two of Kyoto covered in pink sakura petals. I keep telling Rg that if he can’t go on leave from work, I can always go alone since I’m used to it anyway! #TypicalTricia #ForeverAlone lolol

With the number of Kyoto travel diaries I have on this blog, you’d think I’d have already been to every tourist destination. I’ve never been to Nanzen-ji until this year, however! It’s on the southern end of the Philosopher’s Path (Ginkaku-ji is on the northern end) in Northeast Kyoto.