Summer Style

This is the part where I start running out of things to say, because I have absolutely no idea whether I want this outfit to be more S/S or F/W. While it’s a non-issue in the real world, I usually at a loss for words if an outfit is just an outfit without a particular theme or purpose. Forgive me just this once! Truth be told, describing outfits is actually quite challenging. I guess it’s because we normally don’t really go around telling people the inspiration or feelings behind our outfits.

Picking up from that, I think food blogging is a lot easier since we’re all naturally more vocal about our gustatory perceptions. I’d probably make a horrible food blogger, though. People who know how to cook are usually the ones who are most critical about flavor. I have zero cooking skills, and I’m pretty much solved with anything that is immensely sweet, salty or savory. I don’t really have much to say about what I eat in general. I exist to devour everything!

I can already imagine what I would write in my imaginary food blog: “Steak was good. The mashed potatoes! ME GUSTA! I need more of those in my life. YAAAAAAS – the carrots were everything! And the wine gave me so many feels. OM NOM NOM NOM, this whole meal.” Basically, it’s going to be just as annoying as my current blog, lol.

Kate-Katy top / Mango skirt / Sole Story heels / Charriol watch