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JRunway Dispark gingham set and Borny top / Ray Cassin jacket / Topshop sneakers / EMODA choker

This was my Universal Studios Osaka outfit that didn’t push through, lol. Typhoon Mario arrived on the day of our departure, so our airline had to postpone our flight to the next day. Good thing they sponsored us accommodations! Once things got calmer, Crissey shot our matchy-matchy gingham outfits so we can at least blog about them!

I was really looking forward to wearing this outfit from JRunway – you guys know how obsessed I am with Japanese style! I noticed that Japan’s gingham game is still going strong, only they switched their pastel pinks and baby blues with more F/W colors now. And I don’t know what’s more F/W than black and white.

Thanks to JRunway for sending me this perfect summer-to-fall transition outfit! I’m pretty sure they’re the closest that we’ll ever get to an international online store that sells the trendiest Japanese fashion. It’s really the best time to fall in love with Japanese culture because they’re starting to open up to the idea of becoming global brands.


Me in the JRunway store in Plaza Singapura, as snapped by my brothers who went to Singapore last month. The photo above was part of this photoshoot that I did in Tokyo last March. Crossing fingers something similar can open in Manila! We could definitely use more Japanese fashion here!

In the meantime, ordering online is the top option if you don’t have immediate opportunities to fly to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. JRunway used to just ship to Singapore, but good news – They now have overseas delivery to different countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and Thailand.


Tired of seeing brands like ESPERANZA, GAL STAR, SPIRALGIRL, ROYAL PARTY, 3rd by VANQUISH, X-Girl, muse muse, etc. in Japanese magazines only, and frustrated that you can’t go to Japan and buy all these Japanese goodies?

JRunway can now ship to these countries! The Philippines is included – HALLELUJAH


If you order now until the 21st, you can get some free Biore samples too! A lot of Japanese women swear by Biore, so now’s your chance to try it out.

Here’s a short video about JRunway! If it’s any help, JRunway is the first ever Japanese multi-brand store in Southeast Asia, and it showcases more than 15 hottest fashion brands from Japan. Currently, these brands are available at 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, #01-54, Singapore 238839, but they recently opened an online store to accommodate fans of Japanese fashion from all over the world.

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