John Hardy

There’s a new girl in town, and I’m absolutely in love with her. Well, she’s not entirely new – we’ve known each other for about 4 years, but we’ve grown a lot closer recently because of her online store, Happymallow. I say new girl because her new K-style blog, Happiness, etc. just launched a few weeks ago.

If I geek out over Japanese stuff with Crissey, Farrah is my main girl when it comes to fangirling over Korean pop culture, fashion, and beauty. She’s one of the biggest K-pop fangirls I know – you can count on her to know the lyrics and the dances of some of her favorite songs. Please bombard her with comments on her blog so she can upload some covers or sample clips!

She is also one of the most capable and hard-working people I know. Don’t let that cute facade fool you! I feel like she’s even more well-adjusted in the world than me! We have quite an age gap but I love her youthful energy and fresh outlook in life.

Even if I met her under different circumstances (she just so happens to be my younger brother’s girlfriend), I’m pretty sure we’d still click like peas and carrots. We always end up twinning without planning it! This time, however, I deliberately got us matchy-matchy pair of bracelets. The moment I saw these John Hardy Classic Chain friendship bracelets, I was immediately reminded of the time I knew Farrah was for keeps – our first conversation about SNSD / Girls Generation. I’m a little out of the loop now that my bias is not in the group anymore, but I’d always cherish the memories when Farrah and I would watch music videos and music show performances for hours.

John Hardy is known for their Classic Chain friendship bracelets. As SONEs, it was only proper to get a friendship bracelet with pink accents! There are also other stones available, like amethyst, black sapphire, blue sapphire, red sapphire, and tsavorite. The one we have has pink spinel.

John Hardy is exclusively available at Rustan’s.

Established in Bali in 1975, John Hardy is dedicated to the creation of ultimate beauty through artisan hand-crafted jewelry. Our master artisans honor original craft through the perfection of modern design, creating timeless, one-of-a-kind pieces that are brilliantly alive. Each of our distinctive collections convey evocative symbolism and honor the transmission of creative energy from the artisan to the wearer. More than jewelry – an eternal connection to the source of inspiration. For seekers, the explorers, the storytellers.

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