Birds of Paradise

One of Canada’s largest retailers, Joe Fresh, officially launched in Manila last week, and I was lucky enough to be one of the 3 guest bloggers invited to get first dibs on the collection, as well as curate our own flat lay stations at the event!

Last year, I stumbled upon the Joe Fresh store in New York by accident. It was raining and I was looking for a place where I could stop for shelter, and book an Uber back to my hotel. The Joe Fresh store was HUGE, and I couldn’t help but drop whatever I was doing to check the store out. The first thing I noticed was Karlie Kloss’ photos all over the store, and I think it was the main reason why the brand piqued my interest in the first place.

Half a year later, who would’ve thought they’d open a store in Manila? When they invited me to the launch event, it was easy for me to say yes! I was actually glad that it rained that day in New York, or else I wouldn’t have discovered Joe Fresh.

Naturally, they have normcore basics and athleisure in their latest collection, but I was never really one to follow these trends completely. I settled for a bird-print button-down… which I wore backwards! This is my favorite thing to do nowadays, especially since I have so many button-downs in my closet. Sometimes it’s obvious that I wore my top or dress backwards, but I’d like to think it’s easier to pull off weird stuff if you know you did it deliberately, and not by accident! You guys should try wearing your clothes backwards! You might be in for a surprise.

Joe Fresh top and skirt / from Taiwan bag and watch / SM Parisian heels

Thanks Ashley for helping me take my photos!