Inspiration: moussy F/W 2013


moussy is under Baroque with other brands such as SLY (blogged here), rienda (blogged here), RODEO CROWNS WIDE BOWL, UNDER BAR RAW., TWNROOM, Avan Lily, Lilidia, ENFOLD, Black by moussy and AZUL by moussy. They’re all usually found in one giant store called The SHEL’TTER TOKYO, but you can also sometimes find each one separately across Japan.

My love for moussy goes back a long way, and I even remember purchasing my first moussy item in Hong Kong back in 2011. It was a time when floppy hats were all the rage, but I couldn’t quite figure out my style yet and just settled for a brown one with a cute ribbon! Until now I still hold it dear, even though I haven’t been using it as often lately.

However, my favorite moussy purchase so far would be this bag from last year’s F/W collection. I have a special place in my heart for black bags because they’re the ones I tend to bring with me when I travel, and simply because I also have a ton of shoes in black, more than any other color. Makes it so easy to mix and match!

Lucky for me, they had a ton of these cute and functional studded black bags last year at Canal City, Fukuoka, and I would’ve gotten more if only I had an endless supply of money! I’m off to Hong Kong next week and I’m definitely going to splurge on the recent collection, if they already have it. Wish my bank account luck!


Models Chihiro Kondo and Rei Yasui. They couldn’t have picked better models. I love these girls!

Like the rest of the world, moussy seems to have caught the ‘90s fashion comeback craze as well. They managed to make it more sleek and sophisticated though. I call it the “how fashion editors would interpret ’90s fashion” look.  

It’s also refreshing to see more boxy and loose silhouettes lately. 


Trends to try this season:

1) suspender skirts and overalls/jumpers

2) printed pencil skirts and longer-than-your-usual-mini skirts

3) statement shirts

4) chokers


5) plaid shirt wrapped around waist

6) oversized denim jackets

7) giant clutches


8) statement earrings

9) beanies and flat-brimmed caps


10) pointy shoes

11) low heels

12) flatforms


13) moussy x MAC make-up look with light brown/blonde eyebrows, black smoky cat eyes, and either nude or red lipstick

14) either slicked back hair or messy hair (there seems to be no in-between, lol)

15) light brown hair

Hope you guys are just as inspired as me! Photos from moussy’s official website. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.