Official Apology

I’m sorry for the offense that some have taken from the things that I was quoted in the video with Nina Garcia. Please know that my statements in the video were only excerpts from a longer on-the-spot Q&A that we did for that video. I didn’t mean to belittle anyone with my comments, and it’s also clear from how the video was edited that the editors didn’t see any offensive content with what I said. I hope that tidbit helps even a little. Of course, we all have different perspectives on things (which has led to all this), so what might be offensive to one may not be offensive to another. So again, for those who were offended, please accept my apology.

While I will say that I am not ignorant of Filipino design talent, I will say that I was ignorant of how I could have made things look better for the Philippines without my clumsy, geeky self after having just met some of the people that inspire me. I don’t get to meet these people everyday so it was really hard to properly compose myself and my answers. There was this mixture of fear and excitement that combined to rather silly results. I’ve learned something from all of this and I’ll try better next time!